Floor plans

Each floor will be designed with mythological heroes of different nations and a concept that symbolizes the universality of cultures.


Sky Roof Pub: Kosmos

In Greek myth it is the universe itself. Everything was born in Space.

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4th floor: Kybele

Kybele is the goddess of productivity, abundance, fertility in the neolithic period of Anatolia.

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3th floor: Perun

He is the father of the gods in Slavic myth.

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2th floor: Aphrodite

Aphrodite, born of foam on the shore of Cyprus, the goddess of beauty and love, as well as the goddess of fertility, eternal spring and life.

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1th floor: Merkur

Mercury - in ancient Roman mythology, the god of trade, profit and enrichment, the son of the sky god Jupiter.

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Restaurant / Cafe-Bar: Balder

In the Scandinavian myth, he is the god of peace and light.

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Dionysos / Sky Roof Pub: Kosmos

He is the Greek god of wine and the god of an eccentric moment of inspiration and theater.

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